Defected Records Review: Wankelmut – My head is a Jungle (MK remix)

MK ‘Mark Kichen’ has become a widely spoken about name on the house scene in recent years. With massive remixes of work from respected artists such as Storm Queen ‘Look right through’, Route 94 ‘Always and Sam Smith ‘Money on my mind’ he has proven himself to be a man of excessive talent in music production.

September 2013 saw the release of his remix of Wankelmut ‘My head is a Jungle’ on Defected Records, a heavily vocal track with a deep bass. The single topped charts and airplay ratings across multiple counties and gained legions of support from Radio one’s Annie Mac and Pete Tong. Starting with solo kick, the track builds up carefully bringing in a steady high hat with the vocals shortly followed by a clap on every second beat. This entices the listener in slowly adding impact when the bassline cuts and rebuilds leaving clear pure vocals and piano for a few bars. This occurs in a similar manner multiple times throughout the track. The sequence of piano chords gives the track an old school piano house nostalgic vibe, creating the perfect combination of bass and uplifting sounds. The stunning vocals from Emma Louis have a powerful meaning behind them, allowing people to relate to the music making it personal to each individual listener. This endorphin releasing track could put a smile on the straightest face.

Colourful work such as this is from MK is a talent admired by many house devotees and producers. Expect more influential releases to come from MK and leading house music to come from Defected in the future.